About Us

Wilken Group is a family owned and operated group of businesses consisting of;

  • Wilken Storage/Grain
  • Wilken Bulk Haulage
  • Wilken Engineering
  • Werrigar Roadhouse and Fuel
  • Warrack Home Timber and Hardware

Founded in 1982, Richard and Joy Wilken began with one truck dealing in the transportation of grain directly to Port. The business has greatly expanded over two and a half decades, and is now dealing with the receival and movement of thousands of tonnes of grain. Wilken Grain has become the largest private storage facility in Australia and has the ability to house over 100, 000 tonnes of Barley, Wheat, Canola and a vareity of pulses. Wilken Bulk Haulage transports a majority of grain from the site to many parts of Victoria, with some being transported to South Australia and southern New South Wales. Wilken Bulk Haulage has a growing fleet, currently consisting of  SuperLiners and Trident Mack Trucks.

Also primary producers, the Wilken Family have the advantage of a growers perspective, giving local farmers the confidence to gain valuable advice regarding appropriate market assessments and decisions. 

In 2002, the Wilken Family bought the local hardware store and have been providing the surrounding community and district with a wide range of stock. Warrack Home Timber and Hardware are proud of the extensive array of stock available, along with quality support and product knowledge that are provided. Continuing in the Retail sector, Werrigar Roadhouse was purchased in 2006 and has rapidly expanded to now distribute Bulk Fuel to local farms and businesses in the Wimmera & Mallee regions. In 2011, after two years of demolition and renovating we moved in to our new, much larger roadhouse. Over the years we have upgraded our facilities to include more carparking, a large diesel canopy and more recently, concreted driveways and surrounds. 

Over the years, the Wilken Group has proudly sponsored and donated to a variety of local community and sporting clubs. Proud of what the local district can provide and achieve, Wilken Group are proud to be associated with many different iconic events on the social and sporting calendar.